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Never Ever Dry Laundry Inside Your House, The Side Effect Can Be Deadly !!

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Do you know that you should never even think to dry your laundry inside your home? And that the evaporation from your laundry can be harmful for your health? One man from Bolton, Craig Mather (43) didn’t payed attention to the warnings, and drying clothes inside his home brought him a lung infection. He went through serious lung problems due to spores of molds that occurred from drying laundry on the radiators in his living room. He was diagnosed with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis and he ought to take some specific drugs to fight fungal infections.

His doctor told him that his condition could become worse and that he must stop dry laundry indoors. Therefore, he did that for 12 months and noticed a significant improvement in health. This man’s experience is just one of many. Experts warn that drying your clothes indoors can bring serious health risks.

 The laundry, set on a radiator, can decrease the humidity level in your home for up to 30% and create an ideal environment for the development of mold spores. One batch of washed laundry contains around two liters of water that is released inside the house. Most of the people are immune to infections that occur in these wet conditions, or have a strong body that can fight these infections. 

However, those who are suffering from asthma may experience breathing difficulties and problems with coughing. People with weakened immunity, such as cancer patients and patients with autoimmune diseases, can develop pulmonary aspergillosis as a result of the fungi exposure. This is a condition that can cause irrecoverable and sometimes fatal damage of the lungs damage. Therefore, we should all take seriously those warnings to not dry our clothes inside our homes, but always outside or in the dryer. 

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