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The Best Teeth Whitening Techniques According to Doctors

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Cleaning with pure oil. This is an old Ayurvedic remedy for detoxifying the mouth. The oil helps rid your mouth, your teeth, your gums and even your throat bacteria, fungi or any other pests. It is best to pour into your mouth a tablespoon organic sesame oil, from turning in your mouth for 10-15 seconds, then the spit. Other oils, such as coconut, sunflower and olive can be used, but that sesame is one of the best in this case..

That said, it is recommended to alternate the oil every two or three days for optimal results. Rotate the top quality bio oil in his mouth is beneficial in many ways. It absorbs toxins saliva and every corner of the mouth, especially the germs that cause dental plaque. Scientists believe that these lipid oils make the walls of the soapy mouth, preventing the bacteria to get hooked. It is also possible that these oils help the restructuring of cells and are connected to the lymph nodes, which would have the effect of strengthening the gums and jaw, preventing diseases of the teeth and gums.

Banana skin. Nothing easier than this method: you just need to gently rub your teeth with a banana skin for 2 minutes.Magnesium, potassium and manganese in it will arise soon on your teeth. Your smile will instantly become whiter.

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