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Birthmarks have a special meaning too, after their location on our body people can forecast future and defines our hereditary talents. There’s an opinion, that the number of birthmarks gives a chance to become rich. So as, but the noticed birthmarks are on the face.
There’s an opinion, if woman has a birthmark on left side of her forehead, then it shows that everybody respects her, and this respect will give her material prosperity and honor, but if on the right side of her forehead – it shows on unsteadiness, not knowing how to realize everything till the end.  If woman, who has a birthmark on her nose, then she has far way to abroad ahead, but there she will find her happiness. If you have a birthmark on right cheek near the ear, then it shows that you have had deep suffering and experience in her life. That, what really cheers me up – birthmarks near the lips, gives a chance to meet people love, which will guide to success.

Here are a series of birthmark characters on woman or man face, which presents some characters:

1.       Birthmark in are of “third eye” presents amazing intuition, anxiety for knowledge, interest about mystic.

2.       Very passionate and jealous person.

3.       Person with poetic character and tendency on intellectual professions.

4.       A person like this, with all his heart, can give himself to love and save t for long years. Generous, this person likes to give gifts to his loved and immediate family. Loyal.

5.       Person with fast, unpredictable character, with concludes to complicated, impermanent and short relationships.

6.       Presents on tendency to travel, find new impressions. Person with very wealthy inner world, with tendency to dream and express creative.

7.       Othello’s character – very jealous, without obvious meanings too.

8.       Very sensitive being. This person constantly needs a feeling, that everybody loves him. He very openly can show to others his love too.

9.       Person with very high self-criticism level. Can judge his self without a reason. Very fast gets hot under the collar.

10.   Has good memory and knowledge.

11.   Tendency after unexplored, forbidden. It very often leads to infidelity, cheating.

12.   Person, who can fully give himself to passion.

13.   Fast gets hot under the collar, but as much calms down. Can find an argument at the drop of the

14.   Very good feels surrounding world. Has an ability to look in to other dimensions, see paranormal phenomenon.

15.   Freedom and independency loving person.  He doesn’t like to be dependent from someone or something.

16.   Person, who like to spend his time at home with family, maintaining order, educating and looking after children.

17.   Jilting abilities. This person is capable on shocking behavior, scandal creating behavior. Usually creates scandalous talks about himself. Gourmet, if talk about sexual life, but when they get married, marriage they comprehend seriously.

18.   Sensitive character, tendency on fantasies and originality.

19.   Person with one true love in his life. Fault-finding, jealous and exigent.

20.   Presents constantly hidden depression.

21.   Opponent to life monotony desires new impressions. Usually has many friends and acquaintance, especially between opposite gender.

22.   This person tries to catch beautiful people, wants to get them.

23.   With clear head, he doesn’t like mess neither in thoughts nor in business. Chances to grow and progress both in mental, and material idea.

24.   Person with unstable psychical state, very easy to offend this person. He is not able, and even doesn’t want to, to fight back to his offender.

25.   Conservative opinion follower. Usually wants traditional, strong family, peace, harmony and stability...

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