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7 Types Of Tea And Why They Are Good For Your Skin

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Different Types of Teas:

1. Chamomile Tea:
Is a rich source of the phytochemical quercetin, which protects skin from sun damage, promotes solid sleep and helps cope with cramps during a period.

2. Dandelion Tea:
The root of dandelion is a soft diuretic that promotes liver function and digestion. This improves overall detoxification, which is essential for skin health.

3. Ginger Tea:
Very powerful anti-inflammatory agent that prevents acne and rash flare ups. It also boosts digestion and wards off cough and cold.

4. Green Tea:
Contains free radical-fighting catechins that are very powerful antioxidants. It can help skin damage due to UV rays, dying skin cells and wrinkle formation.

5. Red Tea:
Contains the strong antioxidant quercetin, which is anti-cancerous and anti-aging. It also helps mellow down allergic reactions.

6. Tulsi Tea:
Combine this with some jasmine or rose extract and you have the most soothing tea. It reduces stress and balances out acne causing hormonal imbalance.

7. White Tea:

Another great source of anti-inflammatory phytochemicals that reduces collagen breakdown, making it an anti-aging agent.

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