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Here Is Why You Should Sleep On Your Left Side

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We are all aware that sleep is crucial for maintaining an optimal physical and mental health. The duration of your sleep is very important and so is the way in which you are sleeping. Your sleep position can affect your health, improve your digestive health and help in keeping the younger look to your skin. Furthermore, if you sleep on the left side of your body can actually save your life. And if you currently sleep in another position, continue reading the article to find out why you should immediately start sleeping on your left side.

It matters a lot on which side you are sleeping
There are several positions for sleeping: on your stomach, on your back, on your left side, and on your right side – and they can all affect your health. It is considered that sleeping on the back can be dangerous for people with asthma or sleep apnea, because it can cause problems with breathing.
Sleeping on your right side can potentially worsen digestion problems, while sleeping on your left side can actually improve digestive health.

Here is why you should sleep on your left side
It is believed that sleeping on the left side can greatly improve your health. In holistic medicine, the body’s left side is the dominant lymphatic side. Regular sleeping on this side will give your body more time to filter lymph fluid, waste and toxins through the lymph nodes and the thoracic duct.

On the other hand, if you sleep on your right side it may slow down your lymphatic system running. This can be very dangerous because when the lymphatic system doesn’t run properly, it can become unable of filtering toxins or to move lymph fluid properly. This will increase your risk of deadly illnesses due to the toxin build-up.

When you start to sleep on your left side, your body will become more effective at the toxin disposal throughout waste. This occurs because this position is good for improving the digestive system, and allows your organism to promptly dispose toxins and extract nutrients.

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