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Look at Your Hands and Read Your Destiny

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We use our hands every day, all the time, while working. However, there is something else they can do. It is hard to believe, but the lines in our hand palms and the hand shape can tell a lot about our destiny.

Mixed hands
It is a rarity, but you may see a hand that has elements of two or more of the five shapes and types. These hands are considered mixed by the palmists. Look for the dominant feature of the hand if you want an accurate reading.

For example, a square palm with long fingers means that the person seems to be dreamy and intuitive, but that person is actually strong, practical, and calm. If the hand seems all balanced, your mixed-hand person is fully flexible and has a steady, relaxed attitude.

Firm and thin flat palms
Very firm and thin flat palms, with tight skin expose independent and nervous characteristic. These people want to spend their time alone, especially if the fingers are knotty. They are dedicated and strong opinionated. These people should prevent being too fierce in manner by expressing sensitivity and tolerance towards others.

Square hand
From the finger bases to the wrist appears a perfect square form. People with square hands are easygoing, smooth and practical in nature. They are very realistic. They are friendly and outgoing, but they can evaluate every situation. People want their help.

Firm hands
People with firm hands are determined and tough in spirit, and you have a direct personality. These people are physically active and often with generous nature, who likes consistency in all things.

Sweaty hands
Sweaty hands happen due to an active endocrine system or a general nervous temperament. Extremely sweaty palms may be a reason for a condition called Hyperhidrosis that has an effect on the sympathetic nervous system. Doctors have related the sympathetic chain of nerves alongside the spine as the possible reason for this condition.

Water hands
If you have pointed hands, but don’t consider yourself a psychic, it could mean that you have the power but have chosen not to develop it at this point in your life. However, your intuition and creative energy are already potent, having a great deal of compassion or empathy for other people. Because of their deep sensitivity and intensity, pointed hands are also known as water hands.

Artistic hands
Artistic hands are circular, sensual, and ladylike. These people greatly appreciate the arts or are artists or creators themselves. They are calm, touchy, and creative and peaceful who find comfort in music, art, literature, and love.

Pointed hands
Pointed hands have long, subtle, and narrow fingers. Palmists believe the fingers point to profound truths. This hand is also referred to as the psychic hand. People with these hands have psychic or intuitive ability.

Action-oriented hands
If your hands are narrow at the wrists, but wider toward the fingertips, your hand is called the spatulate hand. You are oriented towards action and love uncommon adventures. You are the type of person who would pack bags and go on a trip.

Dry and hot hands
People with these hands are leading an active life. They probably use their hands, work outdoors or work with heavy equipment. In order to keep the body supple and moist, these people need to drink plenty of fluids. Hot and dry hands also indicate digestive ailments due to strong meats or over-spiced foods.

People with shorter fingers
These people are impatient, particularly in case of pedantic or critical behaviour. They are quick, sharp and often inspirational, but amazing planners and organisers.

Pale hands
These hands, including pale lines on hands show restricted energy or a quiet or shy person, enjoying mental and spiritual pursuits, gardening or walks in nature that soothe and strengthen their vitality.

Red hands
These hands show a brave and vigorous nature, tasteful, at times overwhelming others with their strong presence. People with red hands are hardworking, passionate, opinionated, and perhaps a little bit angry. They love outdoor activity and are always in action.

Cold hands
Maybe it means that these people have warm hearts, but it usually means a blocked or lazy circulation. A difference can occur with a change of diet and physical exercise. The temperature of the hands can change over the years. If your hands suddenly become cold, it is a symptom of mental stress or a recent shock in your life. This can change over time and your hands become warm again.

Large hands
These people like to be the center of attention and have a powerful character. Also, they notice details and have a critical eye for small things. Many leaders, jewelers, and composers have large hands.

Overly large hands
If your hands are overly large when compared to your body size, you are a person who like to work too much or take on more responsibilities than one could handle. This way you are risking your mental or physical health.

Small hands
These people are sharp and have a sense of humor. You can quickly start anything you set your mind to, but you may be impatient to see things through to completion. This is the reason you need to be surrounded with organized people so you get their help with your many ideas. You adapt to change and you can motivate others with your ideas.

Short fingers, square palm
People with short fingers and square palm are realistic and stable. Loyalty, security, familiarity, conformity and reliability are very important for them. Also, these people are family-oriented and hate deceit and pretension. Nature, animals and natural materials are things they love. Often, they are more focused on the the past than on the future.

Short fingers, square palm, hard skin
These people work fine with their hands and any skill they are developing has to be useful. They want to perform practical works and prefer working outdoors. These people’s occupations are essential to our society, but often are unappreciated and unseen.

Short fingers, square palm, soft skin
These people’s thinking patterns are more developed and can be witty. They think and act quickly. Moreover, many actions and decisions of these people are intuition based.

Short fingers, rectangular palm
People with short fingers and rectangular palms like to look at the overall picture. They are sociable, enthusiastic, creative and goal-oriented. Always have wonderful ideas and eager to begin projects but not as good at finishing them. They want changes and may be impatient. They like being busy and doing useful things. They bring quick decisions using their intuition.

Bony hands
These people are deep, serious, analytical and methodical. Also, they love studying. They don’t mind being lonely and are often sensible and cautious. They can be excellent researchers, philosophers, teachers, chemists, laboratory scientists, musicians, horticulturists, botanists, etc. They love activities in which they use their mind.

Fleshy hands
These people are mainly motivated by feelings and emotions. They are not always practical and have a rich inner life. They can absorb others’ influences and become emotional and changeable. They can be found in interior design, fashion and theater because of their developed aesthetic sense.

Long fingers
These people are patient and pay attention to detail. They like fine, complicated work and have a careful character. They always go strictly by the book in everything they do.

Lines of the palm

There are 12 sections of the lines on the palm. However, sometimes only a few are accounted for. The 12 lines are: Life Line, Head Line, Heart Line, Health Line, Fate Line, Fame Line, Marriage Line, Money Line, Sex Line, Spirit Line, Travel Line, Luck Line.

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