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5 Habits All Sensitive People Need To Avoid

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When I say sensitive people, I don’t mean people who sit around and cry at sappy movies. That’s a different thing. Sensitive people are the types of people who believe that things can and will be better with enough tenacity and hard work. They sense the world around them well, and these 5 habits serve to sabotage.

1. Emotional reaction.
Sensitive people tend to overreact emotionally and engage in self-destructive habits like eating bad food or drinking to excess. This is something to avoid. When the emotions start to well up inside of you, take deep breaths, handle them proactively, and let them go if you can.

2. Excessive coffee consumption.
This seems like an unlikely thing to find on this list, but caffeine is a stimulant that increases heart rate, blood pressure, and can activate your fight or flight response. This often leads to anxiety among sensitive people.

3. Ignoring your gut.
Your sensitivity is bound directly to your intuition, but like sensitivity, going with your gut is often somewhat frowned upon by society. Screw society. Go with your gut.

4. Being too extroverted.
Sensitive people need time to recharge their batteries. It’s okay to go out and do fun things with people, but make sure you’re taking time for yourself.

5. Attending chaotic social settings.
You can’t always avoid this. If a band is playing in town and you really want to go, that’s going to be a pretty chaotic social setting. But avoid them when you can. These types of settings create anxiety and derail your energy and momentum.

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