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Now that the new year is a couple of weeks old, we are seeing how tough those resolutions will be to fulfill. Many of us are holding strong to those personal goals, but surely many have already fallen off the wagon.

What causes a resolution failure? One might theorize that, by nature, a resolution is a failure to be fully immersed in the present. A person who fails to live in every moment, constantly looking down the road to what eventually will be, is destined to falter along the way.

In order to fulfill a personal goal, it could be argued that we must first ‘clean house’ in the brain, adjusting how we think about our goals, dreams, and aspirations. When we dedicate ourselves to living mindfully and in the present moment, we develop a clarity which enables us to see the path we are on and develop goals from moment to moment which see us through.

This begs the question: "How can we live mindfully and in the present moment?” Luckily, there is a host of literature out there, and we have sifted through it to share these 8 ways that you can get there:

1. Open Up To The Present.
We might know that we need to live in present, but despite this knowledge, we often resist it. This is because, even though living in present is a very natural way to be, we have been raised in such a way that our brains have become hardwired to only dwell in the past or hope for the future. Well, neither of these help us right now! The past is the past, and can’t be changed. The future is shaped by what you are doing now, so open yourself to it.

2. The Meaning Of Life Is Within.
We often derive meaning through things like accomplishments, our personal relationships, and sex, and often seek comfort in unhealthy habits. However, these can only be regarded as temporary solutions to a larger problem; never solving it completely. This problem is a void of meaning in our lives. This void can be filled with self-love. By loving yourself, you attach to the primary undercurrent in the world which connects us all.

3. Realize That Life Is Short.
We don’t have unlimited time in this life, yet we constantly find ourselves wasting it. We should embrace every moment, and make the most of our lives!

4. Live In Harmony With All Things.
Everything in this world is connected: people, animals, nature, thoughts words and actions. Therefore, what we think, say and do is of great importance, not only to ourselves and those near us, but to the whole world. Living in harmony means not messing with the world’s natural order. To do this, we must keep the peace in our minds and in the world.

5. We Are In It Together.
As a culture, Westerners are focused on the self and our all-important individuality. It’s not that the self is unimportant, it is, but our need for individuality often stems from ego and a fear. We need to realize that all are important, beautiful and equal. We can find a balance between our identities and how they are connected to the whole world.

6. Live Fully In This Moment.
The way our lives are arranged, we are almost always living now for a result which will come later. When we are mindful of this, we can break free and begin to dedicate ourselves to now. While some future-planning is obviously necessary, one thing to avoid is fear of the future at the expense of the present. Most of all, we should be giving ourselves over fully to the present moment.

7. Focus On What Is Important To You.
Time and attention are finite, meaning that we can only dedicate our precious time to so many things. For this reason, it is extremely important to decide what is important to you, simplify your life, and focus predominantly on your loves in life. This could mean ridding yourself of excess weight in possessions, dedicating your time only to people who make your spirit soar, and limiting your responsibilities.

8. Spirit Is Everywhere.
When we lack meaning in life, we will go searching for it, and nowhere is this more evident than in the quest for spirituality. However, when the only way to recharge your spiritual batteries is through your practice, you will run into problems. After all, life happens and we can’t all have a monk-like devotion to our practice.

Instead, we should recognize that the world is infinitely beautiful and that spirit can be found everywhere.By living mindfully, we can better immerse ourselves into our everyday experiences, see the beauty in all of it, and be happier and healthier as a result!

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