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Are You In Need Of An Energetic Detox? What It Is & Why You May Need One

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When I began to fully understand the direct effect negative energies have on the health and well-being of the human body, and how a person can end up chronically or terminally ill if these energies are not processed effectively, I immediately wanted to write an article on the issue. So, I began broadening my horizons in the field of energy medicine by studying the work of energy healers like Donna Eden and Amy B. Scher, and I quickly realized I still had a lot of work to do myself when it came to releasing stored negative energies from past traumas and unprocessed emotions before I could write anything legit on the subject.

As a result, I implemented some of their techniques into my daily life and underwent what I like to refer to as an “energetic detox” since it is much like a physical detox. Similar to a physical detox, you are releasing that which is toxic and does not serve you. Also similar to a physical detox, an energetic detox can cause physical symptoms as the stored energies are brought to the surface to be released. For me, these uncomfortable physical symptoms lasted weeks. With that in mind, I highly recommend taking the process of energy clearing slow at first.

As many of you already know, chemicals released from negative emotions impact you on a physiological level and can literally make you sick if they are not properly dealt with. When you accumulate numerous stored negative energies in your body, you risk throwing the mind-body-spirit connection out of alignment and creating disharmony and “dis-ease” in the body. So, the more past traumas and unprocessed emotions you have to release, the more uncomfortable an energetic detox has the potential to be; but don’t let that scare you, because in my opinion the process is still 100% worth it.

What Is An “Energetic Detox”?

An energetic detox is the process of releasing stored negative energies from past traumas,unprocessed emotions, repressed memories and so on. When unpleasant emotions arise and you resist them, they are unable to release themselves from the energy field of your body. Thus, resistance or avoidance of emotions –whether they’re connected to present or past experiences- merely buries them deep inside, where they remain as stored energies that can have a negative impact on your mind, body, and spirit.

The tricky thing about this? Most of the time, you would never suspect these stored energies were the culprit of impairments in your physical or mental health, as there always seems to be a convenient excuse for  your decline in health that shifts blame elsewhere (i.e. “I have chronic depression because I lost my job” or “I am chronically ill because of our polluted environment”). Of course, these things are certainly damaging, but once you have tried seemingly everything to improve your health and nothing seems to work, it may be wise to pay heed to the same grand realization I had: I am the common denominator in all of this, therefore the solution must lie within me. This is the moment when an energetic detox comes into play.

To prevent or overcome disharmony in the body, it is imperative to take measures to release damaging energies stored in your body’s energy field, and to then learn to fully process and release new ones as they arise in your daily life. There are many ways to do this, and ultimately you must experiment with various ones to find the ones that resonate the most with you. However, to help you get started, I can offer you a few methods that many, including myself, find beneficial.

Techniques For Releasing Stored Energies

• Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): EFT, also known as tapping, is an excellent way to release stored energies, as well as to process and release new ones as they arise. Basically, EFT uses a combination of acupressure and talk therapy while simultaneously targeting the meridian system, a system of energy pathways in the body that were first recognized by

Chinese medicine thousands of years ago [1]. EFT works by tapping on meridian points while talking about traumas or troubling emotions –what is said usually differs depending on each person’s specific problem, but there are also guided meditations for tapping that offer general relief from things like stress, anxiety, and more.

I highly recommend looking into the work of Nick Ortner from The Tapping Solution if you wish to gain an in depth understanding of EFT in order to implement it as a tool for energetic detox in the most effective way possible. If you merely wish to gain a general  idea of what it feels like to do an actual tapping session, Dr. Mercola offers extremely simplisticguidelines for tapping for anyone who wants to start with something light.

• Eden Energy Medicine: Donna Eden, the founder of Eden Energy Medicine believes energy in the body runs in patterns. Eden’s techniques use the electromagnetic field of the hands to balance energetic imbalances in the body, thereby activating the body’s innate healing energies and reducing symptoms of disharmony in the mind and body due to energetic blockages [1].

I have found Donna Eden’s “5 Minute Energy Routine” to be extremely effective for clearing energetic blockages in the body. Her YouTube page  also offers various other energy clearing techniques.

• Emotional Ease Meditation: This type of meditation focuses on feeling a negative emotion fully without resistance, while acting as the observer and not attaching a story to it. This will feel unpleasant at first as the uncomfortable emotion arises in its entirety, but the discomfort begins to dissipate as you release the energy of the emotion by sitting with and surrendering to it in this way.

This technique is especially beneficial when used during emotionally difficult times taking place in the present. However, it is still helpful when stored emotions from the past arise. In the case of repressed memories and traumas, it can be beneficial to also practice letting the memories themselves arise while not attaching new emotions and stories to them, almost as if you are watching a movie of someone else’s life.

This helps you detach from the negative stored energies so that you no longer intertwine them with your identity by making it clear that the part of you acting as the observer, also known as your consciousness, is separate from the memories and emotions. Realizing you are not one and the same as them is profoundly powerful, and it makes room for the related negative energies to be released from your energy field. The fact that something happened to you does not automatically mean it is you -that is a choice, and the awareness of choice is amongst the most powerful things a person can possess.

If you are uncomfortable with this process or want some guidance, a guided meditation for emotional ease can be found here. Whether you  do the meditation on your own or use a guided meditation doesn’t matter. Both are effective.

The energy clearing techniques listed above are only a few of many. As previously mentioned, it is important to explore different methods until you find what works best for you. Ultimately, we each carve our own individualized path to energetic balance. Do not hyper-focus on what your path will entail, it will unfold for you as long as you commit to the only thing that truly matters –that you do in fact carve your path.


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