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Warning If You Find These In Your Home Get To A Doctor Immediately!!

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In the Southern regions of United States has been reported, according to the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention. Every American citizen should pay attention for these warnings. This bug may not look dangerous, but it could spread Trypanosoma cruzi parasite that causes Chagas disease. These bugs are normally concentrated in the southern part of United States, Mexico, Central America and South America. Around 8 million people get affected by this parasite around the world.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that the Chagas disease is not easily transferred from this bug to the humans. In fact, the bug’s feces are the ones that are carrying this disease. A person is at risk from getting this disease from this fatal bug if the feces get onto a bite wound or penetrate through an open body part like mouth or eyes. The species that live in the United States are similar with those that are carrying this dangerous disease.

This bug is constantly looking for a human blood just like the mosquito does, but it is interesting that it only bites the victims’ faces. The symptoms of its bite are itching and scratching which inserts pathogen. The victims usually don’t feel ill and they don’t look for medical care. But it could cause even heart disease in around 30% of the individuals affected.

This bug is also known as triatomine bug- or the kissing bug. The experts warn that it lives in the southern parts of the United States. In the picture below you can see in which countries it has been reported.

The counties in which the kissing bug has been reported.

The native species in our country are may carry the Chagas Disease pathogen, but they don’t defecate as part of their feeding process therefore, the pathogen isn’t transferred to humans. If you find this bug at your home or your yard, you should take it in your local CDC office.

Specifically, the CDC reports the following about kissing bugs, says NBC-12 News:

The CDC states that these bugs are living in cracks and holes inside and outside areas including:
  • Under the porches
  • Amid rocky objects
  • Beneath cement
  • Under the bark, rock, wood or brush bunches
  • In the nests of rodents and animal burrows
  • In the dog’s houses or kennels
  • In chicken roosts
The CDC recommends the following tips in order to be safe from these bugs:
  • Closing the cracks and burrows around your windows, doors, walls and ceilings
  • Eliminating brush, rocks and wood near your house
  • Placing protection on your doors and windows and mending cracks and burrows
  • Keep the yard lights further from your house
  • Allow your pet to sleep inside at night
  • Maintain the hygiene in your house and your pet’s cennel
If you notice this insect at your home, you shouldn’t touch it or squash it, according to CDC. Put a container over it and imprison the bug inside. Then you should pour rubbing alcohol over it, or freeze the bug in the container. Then you can take it in the nearest extension service, university laboratory or health department for identification.
Be extremely careful with these bugs!
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