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16 Sassy Short Person Struggles

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  1. People always expect you to be sweet, and quiet because you're so short and adorable...
  2. Then you open your mouth and they're drastically appalled by your snarky tongue.
  3. You basically inherit all of the resting niceface problems whether you actually have one or not. No matter how much you scowl, people will always see your height first.
  4. People can generally look over your head, so your pretty hard to spot in a group...
  5. Which means you have a loud voice to make up for it.
  6. People mistakenly believe that your rude because you need to constantly yell "excuse me" in that loud obnoxious tone. You're not rude you just often get lost inside of crowds where people swarm around you and bump into you because they can't see you.
  7. You definitely don't feel bad about taking advantage of your lack of height...
  8. Like when you skip people in long lines because you can swerve through crowds undetected...
  9. Or when you bought that shirt from the children's section because it was way cheaper and acted like it was for a younger sibling.
  10. Being short means you're always looking up, and straightening your back when you need to gain a few inches...
  11. But thankfully you're a sassy short person so you use that great posture and constantly tilted head to emit a fierce look of confidence.
  12. You compensate for your lack of height with attitude. So even though people can't see you coming because they are looking over your head, they better move the hell out of your way.
  13. You are often accused of having a Napoleon complex, or everyone decides to diagnose you with Short Person Syndrome.
  14. When you speak to someone online, or on the phone before meeting in person them they are genuinely surprised about your height. On the phone you had such a large, loud bold personality, they are shocked to discover that you're so short.
  15. The cut off age for people to stop growing is 16 years old for women, and 18 years old for men, but you refused to believe that and were secretly hoping it was a lie...
  16. It wasn't a lie, but no problem, once you open your mouth people barely notice your height.

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