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This tiny cardboard house takes 1 day to build and can last 100 years

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Most people would never think of cardboard as a suitable building material. Believe it or not, its being used for remarkable feats of architectural design. Award winning architects have found a way to use cardboard to produce remarkably sturdy, and reliable shelters. With a multitude of applications such as disaster relief, or easing the burden of a staggering homeless population. Dutch design studio Fiction Factory has come up with a design for a tiny microhome usimg cardboard that they claim can last up to one hundred years.

Called the Wikkelhouse (which translates to “wrapper house”), the home is made out of tough, sturdy corrugated cardboard panels that have been adhered together with a non toxic, environmentally friendly glue.

Heres how it works: The glued layers of cardboard are  wrapped around one of the dwelling’s pre fabricrated modular segments 24 times using a large spindle, resulting in a strong and relatively well-insulated structure.

This 1.2-meter (47 inches) thick, 500-kilogram (1,100 pounds) modules are then combined, and assembled to construct a larger structure, without the need for a permanent foundation. The modular design allows for a wide range of size, an almost infinite number of layout designs, and ease of customization and assembly.

After transporting the modules to the site, assembly is very quick dompared to traditional structures, only taking around one or two days to complete the assembly. In order to keep out the elements, the cardboard is then coated with a waterproof, breathable film called Miotex and finished with an open fa├žade siding system of pine slats. 

According to the company, Wikkelhouses are expected to last for decades, as long as the miotex coating is reapplied at least every thirty years; but the modules can be transported almost anywhere you can imagine to be reused and are mostly recyclable. Adding to its already eco friendly design.

Because of its flexibility in the way it can be assembled, Windows can be added on anywhere. Different areas like kitchen, bathroom and shower are added via “smart home-segments”, while the interiors are finished with plywood panelling for the walls, resulting in a minimalist but natural, rustic, inviting atmosphere.

Each individual module costs approximately USD $4,500, with a completed version of a basic Wikkelhouse expected to cost around USD $80,000. While not entirely cost effective at this point, its still quite a bit cheaper, and more eco friendly than traditional homes. The idea is an intriguing contemporary design for a microhome, it’s a fascinating new way to transform simple cardboard into a durable, multi functional resource for homes.

Wikkelhouse was nominated for an ARC15 Innovation Award last year, and the company is now working on an off-grid, more self sustainable model. Cardboard is such an undervalued material in today’s society. Most people think of it as disposable, and no good for anything other than boxes. A little innovation proves that simply is not the case, and that cardboard is far more valuable than we have realized up to this point.

More over at Wikkelhouse.

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This tiny cardboard house takes 1 day to build and can last 100 years This tiny cardboard house takes 1 day to build and can last 100 years Reviewed by Unknown on 2:16:00 PM Rating: 5

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